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Aspiring Artists

You are not an aspiring artist




Or photographer

You are already these things

Every time you let your passion

Soften your heart

And shed light on the darkest corners of your mind

You are creating

You are bringing something new

Something personal

Something that never existed before you

Into this world and leaving a bit of yourself for other eyes to see

you are already the creator

you aspired so long to be

⁃ tell your story

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One of my favorite things about my relationship is that we’re both artists and creators. Being able to watch Will create is so inspiring to me and it pushes me to focus more on my passions as well.

This year, we’ve decided to start a collaborative project together and I’m so excited to see where this takes us! We’ll be exploring Will’s music, my writing, and our shared art and videos as FoxxAndGem!

I love having such an amazing support system in my significant other that pushes me to experiment and create outside of my comfort zone. This is one of the main reasons I think I’ll ACTUALLY be able to finish my poetry collection this year and have the courage to share it with others.

I also love having the opportunity to watch Will as they develop more confidence in their music. They’re one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met and I feel blessed to get to work beside them this year and for many more to come.

If you’d like to get to know a little bit more about us you can visit our website here – there you’ll find ways to connect with both of us and see some of the upcoming projects we have in the works!

Some of the things I’m most excited about are our shared blog, YouTube channel, and Etsy shop! These are still under construction at the moment but we have some really fun and interesting things planned and I look forward to sharing this experience with all of you!

Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see show up in our shop, blog, or YouTube videos! We love any requests for items or games to play during our Let’s Play videos!

love and light,


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Fall in Love with Your Best Friend

Fall in love with your best friend

Read her favorite books

Highlighting the passages

that remind you of her

Listen to her favorite songs

and hum the melodies

on your way to work

Fall in love with her past

Every dark corner and twisted story

Love her deeply


And so completely

That she never feels alone again

⁃ be your own best friend

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Poetry Updates

I have reached the editing process and it is exhausting.

I think I have finally written and compiled all of the poems I want to include in my poetry collection Crooked Letters to Crooked Lovers and now I’m starting to edit them all and format them the way I want them in the final version! It’s been really interesting to go through a lot of my older poems and revise them for this project and I’m really excited to see what the finished project will hold.

If you’d like to read some of the poems from the collection take a scroll through the “Poetry Collection” tab up top and let me know our thoughts!

Also, a little shameless self promotion, I also have a Patreon account set up which you can find here! If you don’t know what Patreon is let me give you a little run down of how it works.
If you’d like to support my art you can become a patron by pledging different amounts each month. I have different tiers of pledges listed out and each tier unlocks different rewards! The rewards are cumulative, meaning that if you pledge to a higher tier you also get the rewards from the previous tier! So as of right now, if you were to pledge $5 per month you would receive a personalized thank-you note mailed to you, access to my patron-only feed on Patreon where I post updates and polls, discounts on my freelance editing services, and, of course, my undying love and gratitude.

And if you becoming a patron isn’t for you that’s totally fine as well! You can always support my art in other ways such as liking my blog posts, interacting with me here and on other social media sites, and by spamming your friends with your favorite poems from my blog – I’m sure they’ll love you for it!

So now I head back to my desk and my binder and my favorite red pen and highlighter and edit the hell out of my thoughts, scribbles, and poems. Wish me luck.

love and light,


The Year Ahead

Happy 2018!
Wow it felt weird to type that and honestly it probably won’t be until around April that I stop typing “2017” and having to edit it all.
I know I’m posting this a few days after the first, but I’ve been in bed sick all week and am just finally starting to get up and about again. I just wanted to take this time to wish you all a wonderful new year filled with excitement and lovely adventures!
I also wanted to make myself a little list of goals and resolutions to make this the perfect cliche New Years post.
So without further ado –
Some things I’m hoping to make solid habits in 2018:
  • less drinking
  • no smoking
  • yoga every damn day
  • 60 minutes of cardio every day
  • 10K steps a day
  • stop eating out
  • eat healthier
  • drink more water
  • read more for pleasure instead of just school books
  • make and stick to a budget
  • write more
  • craft more
  • establish a good nightly routine (take off my damn makeup and wash my face, do some yoga and de-stress from the day, all that good shit)
And some goals:
  • finish my poetry book and hit that damn publish button
  • feel happier and healthier
  • move out on my own
  • read 20(ish) books
  • establish my Etsy shop
  • establish my collaboration project with Will
I’ve set some pretty hefty goals for myself but I’m thinking if I work a little bit each and every day all the things I want to do are most definitely achievable. I’m also hoping to be more active on social media (including this blog) because I love writing out blog posts I just never really got into a good rhythm with it. So this year I’m hoping to find my groove and stick to it!
Let me know what your goals are for the year ahead or what your looking forward to the most! Also, if you have any book recommendations I’d LOVE to hear them – I’m always looking for something new to read!
love and light,
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Some New Beginnings

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site and I am truly sorry for that. Whenever my life spins a little out of my control the first things I lose my grip on are my favorite tasks. It’s been m o n t h s since I last updated here or on my Patreon or on my Etsy. But now I’m working to get back in to the swing of the things and gets some updates rolling out.

NaNoWriMo is next month!!! That’s exciting and also terrifying as some of my fellow writer may be feeling right now. My ultimate goal is to have Crooked Letters to Crooked Lovers FINISHED by the end of November (fingers crossed). Then I could start the printing process and make my final round of edits and add ons. I’m hoping to have everything wrapped up and ready to go by early 2018!

Here’s another poem set to be featured in the collection; a personal favorite of mine (and one you’ve already sneaked a peak at if you follow me on Instagram):

Even on the darkest nights

the earth still turns


and wakes up again

My only hope is that you do too

As always, of you’d like to get inside looks at this project or support it in anyway my Patreon account is the place to go! (Plus I just updated all of my rewards and other patron goodies) Thanks for sticking it out through my scattered time frame and thought process.

Love and light,


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Medicated and Mighty

I'm spending the day editing my book and making the final touches on some of the poems, order, and other small details!
I'm honestly amazed with myself for how quickly this is coming together now that I actually have the energy to work on it.
(Thank you Wellbutrin for making me feel alive again.)
Here's another sneak peek at one of the poems that will be in the book; one that I feel suits how I've been feeling this week. Let me know your thoughts!

Store bought neurotransmitters

Are just as valid as homemade

Not being able to make your own

Does not make you weak

And taking the steps to receive help

Doesn't make you broken

It makes you strong as hell

⁃ Medicated and mighty