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The Purrfect Study Buddy

My furbaby doesn’t quite understand how important it is to study for finals.

I’m finding it rather difficult to function in this final week of my semester. This past month has been a whirlwind of personal and academic stress and I’m a bit worried that I’ve already run out energy before the final countdown has even commenced.

But my tiny furbaby is a pretty great study buddy. She likes to sit in my lap and bat at my hands to make sure I don’t fall asleep at my desk. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s why she does it.

A glimpse at my final week (2 courses down, 4 to go):

  • Social Problems Final
  • California History Final
  • American Lit. Research Paper
  • American Lit. Final
  • Religious Studies Final
  • Political Science Final
  • Family and Society Research Paper

Here’s to a busy (but hopefully rewarding) final week of my spring semester.



A(nother) New Beginning

I have tried several times over the past couple of years to start blogging consistently. However, for one reason or another my motivation for this always fizzled out after a couple of posts.
I think I’d been trying so hard to fit into a certain mold.
I’d draw “inspiration” from my favorite writers and bloggers and other creative individuals. I thought my writings needed to fit in a certain format; but this never felt right and I’d continue to lose my interest in it time and time again.
But writing has always been a much needed outlet for me. So, this time I’d like try again but focus more on using this blog as tool and an aide for myself.

A little bit about myself to start this off:

  • I am a writer – I love the feeling of putting words on paper and allowing the ink to spill from my veins at 3am every morning. Writing has always been my go-to creative outlet. Whether I’m crafting short stories, molding the meter of a new poem, or scribbling furiously with reckless abandon; I will always feel more at ease with a pen in my hand.
  • I am a cat mom – I have two, super cute furbabies who like to walk across my keyboard as a try to type and take naps on top of the books I’m trying to read.
  • I am an artist, a creative daydreamer – I love to make a mess and try new things. I love to paint (even though I am admittedly terrible at it) and be able to express the inner working of my mind in a visibly unique way.
  • I am an obsessively organized college student – I’m currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in both Literary Studies and Sociology. After this, I’m hoping to obtain a master’s in Literary and Cultural Studies. A bit of a sticky note and stationary enthusiast, everything I own is color-coded and I don’t know how to function without my planner.

A couple things I’d like to do on this blog:

  • I’d like share my creative writings. My prose, poems, and internal monologues.
  • I’d like this to be a bit of study blog. To keep me motivated towards my academic goals and share some of what I learn a long the way.
  • I’d like to express some of my other creative outlets through this blog. My paintings and dyes and other fun messes.
  • I’d like this to keep me motivated in pursuing all of my passions and goals. Whether it’s attempting to do a 100 days of productivity challenge or keeping me on track with my study habits or giving me a place to experiment and stay excited about my creative projects – I’d like this to be the main outlet for the whirlwind that is my multitasking mind.

Here’s to a(nother) new beginning and hoping that in creating a place to express myself freely I’m giving myself the motivation to keep going and trying new things.