A(nother) New Beginning

I have tried several times over the past couple of years to start blogging consistently. However, for one reason or another my motivation for this always fizzled out after a couple of posts.
I think I’d been trying so hard to fit into a certain mold.
I’d draw “inspiration” from my favorite writers and bloggers and other creative individuals. I thought my writings needed to fit in a certain format; but this never felt right and I’d continue to lose my interest in it time and time again.
But writing has always been a much needed outlet for me. So, this time I’d like try again but focus more on using this blog as tool and an aide for myself.

A little bit about myself to start this off:

  • I am a writer – I love the feeling of putting words on paper and allowing the ink to spill from my veins at 3am every morning. Writing has always been my go-to creative outlet. Whether I’m crafting short stories, molding the meter of a new poem, or scribbling furiously with reckless abandon; I will always feel more at ease with a pen in my hand.
  • I am a cat mom – I have two, super cute furbabies who like to walk across my keyboard as a try to type and take naps on top of the books I’m trying to read.
  • I am an artist, a creative daydreamer – I love to make a mess and try new things. I love to paint (even though I am admittedly terrible at it) and be able to express the inner working of my mind in a visibly unique way.
  • I am an obsessively organized college student – I’m currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in both Literary Studies and Sociology. After this, I’m hoping to obtain a master’s in Literary and Cultural Studies. A bit of a sticky note and stationary enthusiast, everything I own is color-coded and I don’t know how to function without my planner.

A couple things I’d like to do on this blog:

  • I’d like share my creative writings. My prose, poems, and internal monologues.
  • I’d like this to be a bit of study blog. To keep me motivated towards my academic goals and share some of what I learn a long the way.
  • I’d like to express some of my other creative outlets through this blog. My paintings and dyes and other fun messes.
  • I’d like this to keep me motivated in pursuing all of my passions and goals. Whether it’s attempting to do a 100 days of productivity challenge or keeping me on track with my study habits or giving me a place to experiment and stay excited about my creative projects – I’d like this to be the main outlet for the whirlwind that is my multitasking mind.

Here’s to a(nother) new beginning and hoping that in creating a place to express myself freely I’m giving myself the motivation to keep going and trying new things.


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