A Quick Note (to Self)

Honestly, sometimes I forget I have blog.

I think the idea of a blog has been so intimidating to me that I shy away from it until I forget about or give up on it completely. I always felt like there was niche that I was supposed to fit into perfectly, some category that I needed to seamlessly blend into, that the thought of exploring and expanding outside of those lines frightened me into uncomfortable silence. Writing has always been my outlet, and I think the thought of expressing myself in such a raw and vulnerable way had kept me limited. But I’d like to think of this time around as a clean slate, a fresh start in experimenting and creating within myself.

I have a lot of exciting ideas swirling around in my head and now my biggest goal is to put them onto paper and express them in the best ways I know how. Within these next couple of month I’ll be embarking on some personal journeys and I’d love to be able to document them and allow them to fuel my creativity.

My goal is to post here at lest twice a week (depending on the state of the whirlwind in my mind). But I’m hoping to start expanding what I allow myself to create, express, and share here.

Fingers crossed I can quiet my anxiety long enough to share my passions here.


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