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Fall in Love with Your Best Friend

Fall in love with your best friend

Read her favorite books

Highlighting the passages

that remind you of her

Listen to her favorite songs

and hum the melodies

on your way to work

Fall in love with her past

Every dark corner and twisted story

Love her deeply


And so completely

That she never feels alone again

⁃ be your own best friend



I feel your warmth as you lay against me

with the rhythm of your heart beating in your chest

keeping time, keeping pace,

keeping the storm raging in my head at bay

and leaving behind my long-forgotten peace of mind.


In this moment, my mind stops racing

and everything goes quiet.

In this moment, the constant over thinking means nothing

and you,

you are everything.


It’s just me and you,

pressed too close together,

and for once, I don’t feel claustrophobic.

For once, I don’t need you to back away;

I only want you to come closer.


I have always been indecisive about everything,

except for you.

I have always been certain about you.


It takes me 15 minutes,

and two panic attacks,

just to decide on a flavor of ice cream

but I never second-guess you.


I have always been certain about you.

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My Meteor

I lived in an endless night. I was swallowed in a darkness that had such a dizzying effect on me. I wanted nothing more than to find my way out of its grasp, but I couldn’t let go of the comfortable numbness that I had found in it. The proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ can be so hard find when you’re trapped in a dazing labyrinth engulfing and enticing you. But suddenly you shot across my sky like a meteor and set my world aflame. Everything was brilliant and dazzling and blinding with such beauty that I didn’t even know was possible. I will never forget that initial light; that spark that changed everything. You took the world around me and changed it right before my eyes. Where I had seen despair and hopelessness I now saw nothing but beauty and purity. The stars in the night sky will always remind me of you, even when you’ve long forgotten about me, because you were my falling star, the meteor that took the hopeless life I held limply in my hands and turned into a new beginning with nothing in its way. The stars will forever be my favorite, because their beauty reminds me of you. But even they look more beautiful reflected in your eyes.

Letters, Personal

To the One Who Broke Down the Wall

I want to share sad stories with you. I want to feel your fingers interlaced with mine as we break down the walls surrounding our hearts. I want to pour my heart out and want you to accept everything I am, everything I was, and everything I will be. I want to lay on a blanket under the stars and talk about our pasts and our future. I want to count the stars and fill the air with smoke from our lungs. I want to fill the empty space around us with our laughter. I want to know about your passions, I want to listen to you try explain the inner workings of your world to me. I want to tell you about the the way ink spills out of my body everyday at 2 am. Show me your scars and let me tell you how strong you are. 


To the One I Found Solace in

I have never been a poet,

just a prose writer who pressed

enter in somewhat appropriate



And this will never be a poem,

but a confession that comes across

so much better read than



I know I’ve never been a poet,

but you make me feel

like I could be a work of



And I know I’ll never be a poem,

but a messy meter and sloppy stanza

filled with half thoughts and clouded



You were a muse,

my muse, and my aspiration

and you saw us in a way that  I could never see



You saw us whole,

not just pieces of something greater

but something to be proud of and something to



We are a poem,

a free verse entity

taking on a life of its



In you I have found a home.